Last thoughts

I have made some thoughts how advisable this film is. My solution is that you should watch it because of the funny behaviour of the actors. It's so nice to see how they try to get to their goal and I can assure you that you will laugh a lot.

So please don't forget to make some comments and enjoy the day!


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My opinion

Hello everyone!

Now I had enough time to make some thoughts about the film.

I will tell you my opinion and my ideas about it.

In conclusion it was a nice film where your first opinion is totally wrong and where you will get a big surprise. I have never thought that this movie will be so funny so I can say that I would watch it again. All the time I thought: "Do they really bomb them into paradise? “. They said it but I don't thought that they would do it so there is an arc of suspense and I like movies where the plot isn't so boring and without some action. The settings are chosen well and the actors had done their job perfectly. So if you like movies with a touch of action and a lot of jokes and funny scenes, this film will be right for you. At the end of the film they make their claims to reality and bomb them into heaven. This is the hardest scenes and the other part of the film is without any blood and dramatically sequences.

Furthermore the film shows a lot of prejudices and fits perfectly in our overall topic "stereotypes". The sad part is it shows that it isn't a prejudice that !some! islamist want to bomb them with other civilian to start a big holy war and to get in paradise. But I in my opinion it's only a lot of sarcasm and black humour. The producer of the film wants to pull it into ridicule and show that it's a piss take. The film illustrates it with the stupidity of Waj. He is so stupid that it looks funny and the result is you start to laugh.

All in all I hope you like these parts of a review and if you watched this movie too please give a comment and tell me your opinion about it. I am very interested in your view about what this film illustrates.

Have a nice day!


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