Good morning everyone!

Here you can see that this wonderful blog is just opened.

A friend told me I have to watch the film "Four Lions" from Chris Morris. I always wanted to write my own blog so I said to myself, why you don't write about this film and start your blog with it. So the next days I will write a review about the film "Four Lions". Maybe I don't succeed it in one text so I will write it in some parts.

I don't know the film "Four Lions" and I never heard about it but my friend told me that it would be a nice film and I will wonder what happens. I hope I've the same opinion and I think it's a good film to watch and to write a short review about it.

It would be great if you find some time to comment my blogs. I'm glad over every opinion and it isn't bad if you have some criticism.

Have a nice day!


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