First I will write a short summary.

The main characters are Omar, Waj, Faisal, Hassan and Barry (who is a convert Britain) and it takes place in Sheffield.

Their plan is to make a holy war against the irreligious, so Omar and Waj went to a terror camp in Pakistan where they want to kill a drone, but he hold his rocket launcher backside front so the rocket flew in front of Osama bin Laden and kill him and not the drone. Faisal is a very experimental guy. He wants to protect a crow with explosive agent and let them flow in front of a crowd. By testing it he has an accident and die. The plan of the others is to bomb a marathon with a lot civilian. They wear funny costumes and no one recognize that they have a bomb under their clothes. A police officer talks with them and the guys are very nervous, but he doesn't see it too. They didn't achieve their goal because Hassan get fear and wants to tell the police men their plan. Barry sees it and bombs him per remote control. The police hear it and all officers are on the way to them. Then they recognize that they can't go to the main point of the marathon so they bomb them in a shop with some other people in paradise. All in all you can say that the movie hasn't got "a good finish".

Anyway the complete film is shown as a funny movie and the hard or sad scenes are turn into ridicule. It is shown as a satire film so anyone can watch it.

Now I haven't got enough time to write my opinion about it but I will do this the next days. If you want you can make your own opinions about it too and comment them.

You will hear about me!


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